Indigenous women are leading the pushback against a wave of aggressive mining and drilling operations on Canada's west coast. The Secwepemc Women Warriors Society is calling for action to shut down Imperial Metals after the mine disaster that spilled billions of gallons of toxic tailings into two salmon rivers.

In BC, indigenous mothers and grandmothers are on the frontlines on blockades to shut down mining, logging, and development. They are arrested, roughed up, spat on, and disrespected for standing up for their land. They sacrifice their freedom and comfort, and sometimes they win.

We are honored to help the Secwepemc Women Warriors and the Sacred Fire with their crowd-funding campaign that ends this week. Please contribute today.

"How many more Elders need to go to jail to stop this destruction of our water, our land, our spirits, our future generations? We must stand up. We must walk with them. We must not stand aside while more of our Elders go to prison. This is when we act in solidarity. This is when we make every act one of resisting. This is when we reach critical mass. This is how we make and break things."


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