Tse Wedi Elh (Rocks Flowing)

Join us in supporting Tse Wedi Elh: A self-organized project for indigenous housing and culture

Building new homes for indigenous families

In the fall of 2012, volunteers were proud to complete the first family home, along with a smokehouse, water pumping system, and comfortable facilities. The second is now under construction.


Teaching stewardship of the land

In the summer, Tse Wedi Elh hosts a camp where hundreds of people of all ages participate in workshops about traditional harvesting, environmental protection, and restoration.


Celebrating indigenous songs, language, and culture

Visitors from Unis'tot'en, Gidumten, Wet'suwet'en and other nations and clans share their songs, dances, traditional foods, crafts, and stories.


Help support this project. Contact us for more information. Thank you!

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