Spring Training: Unite to Stop the Pipelines

Victoria March 29-31 & Vancouver April 4-6

Strategies for Solidarity and Action, Coast Salish Territory

We're answering the call for action against pipelines. On March 29, 30, and 31, share and learn about strategic planning, solidarity, and action preparation.

March 29-31 in Victoria, meet the people on the frontlines against pipelines - people with the courage to go beyond protesting and petitioning. We are sharing stories about how strategies for resistance and solidarity are winning. Discussions, skill-shares and networking. By donation.

How do ordinary people find the strength to turn back big corporations? On every continent, popular movements have overturned repression and put the boots to bad businesses. Now it's our turn. It takes unity to block a pipeline. It takes a community to turn back an oil tanker.

We are creative, determined, and compelled by a love of the land. We can use those strengths to beat the oil companies. Come hear first-hand how we're bringing our diverse talents together to defend the land and water.

Saturday, 8:30 am - Kick off the Spring Training weekend with PANCAKES NOT PIPELINES at UVic's Bob Wright Centre for Ocean and Earth Science (map)

View the Facebook event and follow the No Pipelines page.


Saturday March 29, UVic Bob Wright Centre for Ocean and Earth Science (map)

9 am - Welcome (August Thomas & One Moon Dancers)
10 am - Security culture & Counter-surveillance (Gord Hill)
Lunch - Break out
1 pm - Non-violent direct action & civil disobedience (Shane Calder)
3:30 - Break out
4 pm - Shaping conditions for grassroots revolt (Ambrose Williams)
Prison support (Juliet Belmas)
6 pm - Dinner break & presentation by Joseph Boutillier
7 pm - Legal rights & solidarity (Anushka Nagji)

Sunday March 30, UVic Bob Wright Centre for Ocean and Earth Science (map)

9 am - Anti-Oppression (Nate Moss and Seb Bonet)
10 am - Grassroots organizing (Rising Tide, Kaleb Morrison)
Lunch - Break out
1 pm - Warrior Societies (Sakej Ward)
3 pm - Break out
3:30 - Planning and Preparation for Action (Sakej Ward)
5:30 - Dinner break
6:30 - Ancestral Pride (Sacheen & Crow)

Monday, March 31, Norway House, 1110 Hillside (map)

9 am - Fundraising for Radicals (Zoe Blunt)
10 am - Indigenous Women, Children, and the Government (panel with Tsastilqualus Ambers, Chrissy Brett, more)
Lunch - Break out
1 pm - In Solidarity with All Land Defenders (Shannon Hecker and Ambrose Williams)
3 pm - Break out
3:30 - How to stop a goddamn pipeline (Zoe Blunt)
6 pm - Dinner break
7 pm - Unistoten Camp (Freda Huson of the Unis'tot'en Clan and Chief Toghestiy of the Likhts'amisyu Clan)

Dinner and snacks will be provided. Suggestions are welcome.

Please support the Spring Training Fund


Unis'tot'en Resistance to Pipelines

Four years ago, members of the Unis'tot'en clan of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation set out to block three pipeline projects planned to cross their land north of Prince George BC. The combined right-of-way is three kilometers wide. The Unis'tot'en and other clans do not consent to this destructive use of their land. That's why they built Unis'tot'en Camp in the middle of the pipeline route.

Sakej Ward: Defining Warrior Societies

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