Spaet Skirt Bear Mountain

see also: Victoria Times Colonist Article on VIC FAN's 'Langford Rebellion' Report from July 11, 2008

It took more than 6 months (and many hundreds of hours) compiling your comments about Bear Mountain Resort, the interchange, Langford's council, and all the controversy surrounding them. Now - finally! - we are pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive report on public opinion and Bear Mountain.

The document (linked below) is a fascinating read, with 16 full pages of commentary from people on all sides of the issue — local environmentalists, tradespeople, schoolchildren, seniors, and government officials. A narrative of events, eight pages of political analysis, and a news index provide a thoroughly-researched picture of the sprawling resort and its impact on the community.

Click here to read "The Langford Rebellion: Public Opinion, Development, and Bear Mountain" or download the pdf.

"The Langford Rebellion" chronicles a groundswell of public outrage at the way Langford is handling development on Bear Mountain. The sharp and emotional commentary may cause even more controversy and threats of legal action, but the authors assert that the document constitutes "fair comment" on matters that are very much in the public interest. The project is intended to promote public dialogue on development issues across Vancouver Island and beyond.

The report will be available in print in tearly August. Bound copies, with a full-colour cardstock cover, can be pre-ordered by sending a request to moc.liamg|noitcatserof#moc.liamg|noitcatserof. The first 200 copies will be distributed free of charge to environmentalists, libraries, journalists, city councils, MLAs, MPs, First Nations, the general public, and Mountain Equipment Co-op, which sponsored the research project.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and comments!

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