Welcome to the House of Solidarity

Planning is underway for 2017 spring training

Land, water, and community protection — May 19-22, Vancouver Island BC

  • Peacekeepers and Community Self-Defense
  • Planning: Strategies and tactics
  • Safety and security: legal rights and staying safe from the authorities
  • Logistics: travel, food, water, shelter, supplies, base and mobile
  • Terrain and movement, including maps, orienteering, camouflage, tactical movement, and tracking
  • Communicating with radios
  • Capture the Flag games and more

The House of Solidarity is pleased to announce Workshops on Demand. We come to your community to share practical skills:

Peacekeepers Training for defending ourselves, each other, and the land — non-violently.
Community Self-Defense advanced non-violence workshop for small and large groups.
Tactical Movement ninja training in case of an emergency or a hostile situation.
Grassroots Fundraising for social justice.

Skills for every situation


WildCoast and Women for the Walbran held our first training campout in May 2016 and it was wildly successful - three days of action strategies, non-violence skills, indigenous solidarity discussions, and more.

Then we teamed up with Sakej Ward, the Warrior Sisters, and the UBC Women's Centre for a two-day symposium at the University of British Columbia on May 28 and 29.

More workshops are coming in Spring 2017. Join our email list or contact us to help set up the next training on Vancouver Island or elsewhere in BC. Find out about bringing presenters to your community.

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Solidarity is a place


For the first time in our ten years, WildCoast has a dedicated volunteer space on southern Vancouver Island for all our ongoing projects and some new ones! It's strategically located 22 km from the threatened Walbran Valley. And we have room to expand at a time when environmental defense is growing on the coast.

We're responding to community demand for space to organize the Walbran Action Training, volunteer trainings, art, benefits, and outreach projects of all kinds.

At a time when other groups are coming apart, WildCoast and VIC FAN are pulling together.


From here, we can fan out and create activist spaces in communities where volunteers are needed most.

Support the folks who are doing the work year-round. Because we give back.


Thank you to our House of Solidarity sponsors!

Thank you from the South Island!

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