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The backlash

“Activist Failure” is what old-school radicals call the point when we are overwhelmed by forces violently opposed to change.

This counterforce has been building years. Whenever a grassroots movement rattles the upper levels of power, the powerful always retaliate. It's understandable when activists fall back, water down their demands, or get sidetracked into irrelevance trying to recapture the initial surge of support. But the ones who are steadfast and refuse to back down are the ones who eventually win.

Generations of women have raised consciousness, lobbied, demonstrated, endured jail and beatings – and here we are, fighting our foremothers' battles all over again.


This reversal is part of a political cycle called a Campaign Arc. Typically a trigger event leads to a sudden surge in awareness. Public engagement and approval soars, and organizing grows wider, leading to mass public mobilizations. And then – nothing. Business as usual carries on. And the backlash, with its threats, violence, and propaganda, begins.

Radical women are organizing to carry on our work despite this escalation. We're meeting quietly, in ones and twos, and publicly, by the hundreds. More of us, young and old, are coming together to confront the epidemic of male violence and reclaim our shared sisterhood. We should lead with our strong suit: strategic action.


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Thank you to our friends at Deep Green Resistance and the Rising Tide Solidarity Committee for their great work with the 2014 caravan.

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