Raffle for Wild Salmon!

Grand prize: Six-day kayak tour in the stunning Broughton Archipelago.

Epic tour begins at an oceanside lodge and traverses the length of the Archipelago to Johnstone Strait, home of the killer whales. Proceeds benefit Salmon Are Sacred and Wild Coast Action Team.

More about the Johnstone Strait expedition at Spirit of the West Adventures.

Draw date: March 21, 2012 (first day of spring.)

Tickets available now!

$10 each, $15 for two, $20 for three, $60 for ten, $110 for twenty Use our Paypal button!

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Prize value: $1495. Tickets printed: 400

Want to help sell tickets and win prizes and bonuses? Contact ac.tsaoCdliW|eoZ#ac.tsaoCdliW|eoZ or call 250-813-3569.

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