Protectors Training, Spring 2017

Shout out to our amazing volunteer team and to the participants who shared their skills and enthusiasm at the Protectors Training!

Along with an epic Defenders vs. Invaders mock action, we presented three days of hands-on workshops:


- wilderness survival

- advanced non-violence

- strategic planning

- tactical movement

- map and compass orienteering

- radio communications

- affinity groups and team building.

This material comes from our own experience and from the excellent skills workshops presented by Sakej Ward.

We offer trainings on demand and we are available to travel to other communities to present workshops on these topics and others: fundraising, legal rights, wildlife tracking, and land defender strategies.

Ask about material support for campaigns: tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, and other gear.

The Eco-Warriors Legal Defense Fund is a safety net for anyone in legal trouble for defending land and water.

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