Pacific Trail Pipeline hits a roadblock

For release April 29
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VICTORIA BC CANADA - It seems like an unfair fight: a small group of indigenous people and a tiny non-profit society challenging an international energy company backed by the provincial and federal government.

But Forest Action Network director Zoe Blunt says she likes the odds.

The Victoria-based eco-group has a record of winning against oversized opponents, Blunt adds. “We have lawyers here and supporters around the world and we're ready to fight.”

FAN is supporting Unis'tot'en Camp, a group of “grassroots Wet'suwet'en” people near Smithers BC, a few hundred kilometers from the port of Kitimat on the Pacific coast of Canada. The Unis'tot'en Clan and their allies have built cabins, gardens, and traditional homes in the right-of-way for three pipeline projects: Coastal Gas, Enbridge Northern Gateway, and Pacific Trail Pipeline (PTP).

In mid-April, a PTP representative announced plans to start construction on the pipeline route through Unis'to'ten Camp in June. The statement came at a public meeting, days after a press conference where camp leaders Freda Huson and Chief Toghestiy disclosed that the province and PTP are discussing a court order to remove the camp.

In response, FAN and Blunt issued an ultimatum: If PTP wants an injunction, it will have to go through them.

“If you start trouble with our friends, you'll have to deal with us,” Blunt says. “The people of the coast won't let oil and gas companies come in and evict an indigenous community.”

The group retained Vancouver lawyer Cameron Ward to serve a legal letter on the government and on PTP's owners, Apache and Chevron.

“We're honoured to stand with grassroots Wet'wuwet'en people to stop corporations from damaging the land and water by hydraulic fracturing,” Blunt says.

“We don't have a big office or high-paid staff. We have an overwhelming love for the land and thousands of people backing us up, and we're going to win,” she explains.

The impending conflict will make the battle for Clayoquot Sound "look like a garden party," she adds.




維多利亞為主的生態組都有贏得對超大對手的記錄,鈍補充道。 “我們有律師,我們已經準備好戰鬥。 ”

範正與Unis'tot'en營,一群“草根Wet'suwet'en ”的人附近的Smithers卑詩省。該Unis'tot'en和他們的盟友已經建立了小木屋,並在右,方式三個管道項目的傳統家園:沿海天然氣,安橋北網關和太平洋徑管道( PTP ) 。



“如果你陷入困境與我們的朋友,你搞亂我們,”布朗特說。 “我們不會讓石油和天然氣公司進來,驅逐土著社區。 ”

本集團保留溫哥華的律師卡梅倫沃德擔任政府和PTP的業主, Apache和雪佛龍律師信。

“我們很榮幸能夠站在基層Wet'wuwet'en人們停止從破壞的土地和水水力壓裂法團, ”布朗特說。

“我們沒有一個大的辦公室或高薪員工。我們有支持者的土地和成千上萬壓倒性的愛,我們要贏, “她解釋說。

即將發生的衝突將會使戰鬥Clayoquot聲音看“小, ”她補充道。

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