Winter 2015: Can't stop the solidarity

Read "Falling in Love with the Land," a reportback from the January Caravan to Unis'tot'en Camp by Max Wilbert. Get info about joining the camp (it's not snowed in at the moment).


The February caravan

Cheers to our solidarity team for braving a record-setting blizzard to deliver supplies and people-power to the snowed-in pipeline resisters at Unis'tot'en Camp!


The snow was so deep, the road grader couldn't clear it. Camp volunteers broke a trail with the snowmobiles and shuttled the crew in as more snow flew. [[/size]]


Join the team. The camp needs volunteers this winter and spring. Getting there is an adventure in itself! Visit the Caravan page and sign up for info about becoming a volunteer with the camp or the solidarity team back in Victoria.


November 17, 2014

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