Undangon ang Mina: Philippine Resistance to Canadian Mining
The protest camp at Anislagan is staffed by volunteers 24 hours a day.

Undangon ang Mina (Anti-Mining Collective) Mindanao Province, Philippines
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Environmentalists in the Philippines are hardcore. They have to be — grassroots activists are murdered with shocking regularity, and potential whistleblowers are routinely threatened with violence. Often, the thugs are working for Canadian corporations that are pillaging the country's rural forests and watersheds, much like they do here at home.

Despite the danger, two young activists from Undangon ang Mina have contacted Forest Action Network for help in exposing abuses by Canadian mining companies. Since the mining began, they have been working in Anislagan to monitor threats to the water supply from runoff caused by companies like Philex Mining and Silangan Mindanao Mining Corp.

Chemicals and silt drain into the village's drinking watershed

Help Wanted - traveling water expert
Anislagan lacks many services and protections we take for granted. For example, the activists are requesting an independent expert to visit the village, analyze the water, and deliver definite answers about chemical contamination. Water testing done by corporations and the government is not reliable, and independent tests by local experts are censored. Activists are seeking to shine a spotlight on these and other abuses by hosting an international exchange between Canada and the Philippines, so Canadians can witness the destruction first-hand, and Filipino people can speak to the CEOs who are directly responsible.

Tailings pond used by Philex/Silangan Mindanao Mining Corp.

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- Organize a fundraising event - art auction, garage sale, benefit concert.
- Make a contribution to Forest Action Network for the Nature First! campaign
- Sponsor an international observer to travel to the Philippines this year.
- Spread the word and help expose Canadian environmental and human rights abuses in Mindanao and across the Philippines.

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Shift change on the picket line


An intact water source in Anislagan


Villagers fear floods and droughts from mining will wipe out their irrigation and drinking water sources


Destructive mining companies are a national epidemic in Philippines. View a larger version of this map.

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