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Survey: Most Juan de Fuca residents don't want new resort development


Right: Zoe Blunt presents survey results in Sooke at a public information meeting on the Juan de Fuca resort, March 3, 2011. Photo: Mark Worthing

A direct-mail survey of Juan de Fuca residents shows that the vast majority prefer environmental preservation to real estate development and resort tourism. The poll shows that only six percent of responding rural residents support new development and resort tourism in the Juan de Fuca electoral area, while 85 percent chose habitat and watershed restoration.

The Wild Coast Project sent the surveys to all 423 households that receive Canada Post ad mail in December and January. Residents of Port Renfrew, Jordan River, Otter Point, Shirley, and points in between gave their opinions about land use in the former Western Forest Products lands in the Juan de Fuca electoral area.

Among other questions, the survey asked "What would you prefer to see happen in the Juan de Fuca forestlands? Please check all that apply."

Out of 62 responses from residents, only eleven (17%) support resort tourism in Juan de Fuca. Four of these (6%) also want to see more real-estate development and subdivisions.

"Resort tourism" ranked 13th on the list of 16 options, ahead of "real estate development and subdivisions" with eight votes, and "clearcut logging" with three.

The top answer, selected by 85% of respondents, was "watershed and habitat restoration." Second in the multiple-choice poll, with 72% support, was "forest protection." Third on the list was "park creation," chosen by 68% of those who answered.

The Wild Coast Project has been presented to the Capital Regional District directors.

The survey was distributed to every household in the Juan de Fuca communities via unaddressed Canada Post mail. This is not a scientific poll and should not take the place of full community consultation; however, the responses represent a random sample of residents.

The mail-in survey

What would you prefer to see happen in the Juan de Fuca forestlands? Please check all that apply


The Online Survey

We conducted an online survey with the same questions and response options as the mail-in survey. Here are the results.

Thank you for contributing your opinion to an independent report to the regional district.

The Wild Coast campaign asked: What are the most important issues about land use on the former Western Forest Products lands of southern Vancouver Island? These lands were removed from the Tree Farm License and public management, but the public still has a legitimate interest in what happens there.

Thank you for helping us identify:

  • Forestland values – the qualities that make these places unique and important
  • Land-use grievances – any concerns about recent or pending land-use decisions

Thank you from the Wild Coast Campaign!
Students and community groups working together for a new land-use vision

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