Jordan River Land Transfer And Development

Sooke Potholes Group
An area with 23 titles on 227 hectares. It has 73,000 cubic metres of timber.

Muir Creek Group.
About 228 hectares just north of Otter Point Road, with four titles and 71,000 cubic metres of timber.

Shirley Group.
Ten titles on 487 hectares of land adjacent to French Beach provincial park at Sheringham Point, with 259,000 cubic metres of timber.

Jacob's Creek Group.
Eight titles on 381 hectares to the east of Jordan River, close to French Beach provincial park with 147,000 cubic metres of timber.

Jordan River Group.
Made up of 13 different titles on 960 hectares, including the Jordan River campsite and townsite. It has 328,000 cubic metres of timber.

Juan de Fuca Group.
Eight titles on 248 hectares, with 135,000 cubic metres of timber, five kilometres east of Jordan River above the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail.

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