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Vancouver Island forests from Port Renfrew to Sooke face massive clearcuts and sprawling subdivisions. This unsustainable forestry is known as "log it and flog it." Our coastal forests are barged overseas as raw logs, while island residents are left with trashed watersheds, lost ecosystems, and urban sprawl on a scale we've never seen.

Preserving these forestlands in the public interest has drawn strong support from the University of British Columbia, The Land Conservancy, the Capital Regional District, and the people of Vancouver Island. Now is the time to push hard to protect wildlife habitat, salmon streams, and drinking watersheds.


Mapping the underground ecology of the Avatar Grove (Baird Creek), home to Canada's gnarliest trees!

Community groups, students, and environmental advocates are coming together to identify world-record trees, rare ecosystems, drinking watersheds, and areas targeted for development on southern Vancouver Island. Volunteers get free transportation, food, and accommodation, and a unique learning experience.

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Hotline 250-813-3569

Wild Coast Weekends
Overnight trips to the coast for community consultation, watershed mapping, field work with GPS, opinion surveys, canopy research, plant identification, geology studies, trail building, land title research, forestry monitoring, and more. New volunteers welcome!

VIC FAN's work is driven by the needs and demands of the people most closely connected to the land. Please consider hosting a community meeting to discuss threats to drinking watersheds, salmon stocks, wildlife, and biodiversity. Your advice, opinions and suggestions help us decide where we conduct our research. Support for outfitting our field camps and transporting volunteers is also needed. Small honourariums are available to volunteers, First Nations people, and local experts who take time to join us on these expeditions and help us with our work.

Volunteers are always welcome to join us, regardless of your level of ecological knowledge. A love of the land is essential.

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Thanks to Mountain Equipment Coop and Freedonia Cooperation for supporting this work.

VIC FAN: On The Ground in Juan de Fuca


VIC FAN's work in the field enhances and supports the work being done to protect these forests by surveying the lands on the ground, identifying species and risk and compiling scientific data and public testimonials.

VIC FAN volunteers make regular excursions in and around the proposed subdivision lands to assess the progress of work being done and to document the impacts occuring to the land.

Our goal is not only to provide logistical support and information to those opposing development in the area, but also to build a picture of the forest ecology in this region, so as to create a sense of connection to this land and share with others the joy of learning about the natural world around us.
If you share a connection to and love of this forest land, know of sensitive areas you'd like to see surveyed and assessed, or just want to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings about this area, please send us an email at moc.liamg|noitcatserof#moc.liamg|noitcatserof, or participate in our online discussion forum.

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