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VIC FAN is in its eleventh year as a registered non-profit society on Coast Salish and Nuu-chah-nulth territory, Vancouver Island, BC. Our leaders are indigenous women, eco-feminists and allies. We are all volunteers with no paid staff or fancy offices. We don't receive government grants or corporate sponsorships. Our funding comes from the community and goes directly to our projects.

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Contact Zoe: ac.tsaocdliw|eoz#ac.tsaocdliw|eoz

Forest Action Hotline, day or night: 250-813-3569

Send letters and donations to VIC FAN, PO Box 75, Port Renfrew BC V0S 1K0.

Paypal transfers can be sent to moc.liamg|noitcatserof#moc.liamg|noitcatserof.



Eleven years of solidarity with indigenous people defending natural heritage
Over $100,000 raised for Unist'ot'en Camp and the Healing Centre
Coordinated the Caravan to Unist'ot'en Camp for four years
Delivered 500 volunteers and fifteen tons of food and supplies to the frontlines
Sued to stop a massive illegal development on the South Island
Trained 700 Protectors in non-violent direct action
Helped stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

We are only a few volunteers but we have thousands of supporters worldwide. Thank you all!


Fight to win

Support our work: VIC FAN is autonomous, anti-racist, eco-feminist, and fierce in defense of the land. Our work is 100% community-funded, with no grants from big business, Big Greens or any governments.

FAN vs. Enbridge: We started an international divestment campaign to drop Enbridge stock, starting with Vancity Credit Union. FAN coordinates the annual Caravan to Unis'tot'en Camp to support indigenous people blocking the pipeline route in Northern BC.

FAN vs. Marine Trail Resort: Defeated a West Vancouver developer's plan for a 300-home subdivision along Juan de Fuca Marine Trail Park. This plan for a massive vacation-home development between China Beach and Sombrio Beach was an unacceptable violation of a much-loved wilderness trail. FAN mobilized thousands of residents to the island's largest public hearing, and delivered the legal report that knocked that plan out of the park.

FAN vs. Bear Mountain: Fought to preserve indigenous heritage sites at SPAET (Skirt Mountain) and exposed developer Len Barrie's unethical and illegal practices, which helped lead to his downfall at the hands of creditors and Revenue Canada. Barrie is bankrupt, but many indigenous heritage sites remain on SPAET.

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Supporters on Vancouver Island and across the continent help supply our teams with camping gear, food, and travel to frontline occupations year-round. Ask about joining our Community Hall of Fame.

We regret that Revenue Canada does not allow advocacy groups to issue tax receipts.

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