Code of Conduct

Volunteer Policy

As part of our mandate to defend natural heritage and build community coalitions, VIC FAN encourages volunteers to contribute time and energy to crucial projects. We seek allies who share our values and our commitment to action for forests, watersheds, wildlife and indigenous land.

Participants acknowledge that FAN is a feminist-led organization, and agree to abide by our volunteer policy. Directors, volunteers, associates, and the public must be treated with respect at all times. VIC FAN is an inclusive environment for allies regardless of race, sex, gender, orientation, national origin, class, or ability. Our policy is zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, or exploitation of any kind.

Volunteers agree to follow the principles of activist security culture, including not talking to police about frontline actions, not discussing anyone's involvement in potentially-illegal activities, supporting those who are prosecuted for defending land and water, and guarding against disruption by outside forces. Volunteers agree to stand up for each other and our ally groups, resolve conflicts in private, and present a united front to our adversaries.

For security reasons, FAN keeps a list of those who are banned for assault, theft, threats, abuse, stalking, giving information to the police, and attempting to infiltrate our networks.

The frontline of a conflict is not a safe space. Please be vigilant for the sake of the movement. Document and report potential threats to the coordinators. We got your back.


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