Friends of Carmanah Walbran

For the record:

FAN members staffed a table for Friends of Carmanah Walbran at an event in January 2016. There was a shortage of volunteers at the event so we offered to hold down their table. People coming into the hall were asked to donate to the cause by putting cash into a jar the FOCW organizer provided. Some of them also made donations to the FAN jar.

We raised hundreds of dollars for FOCW. We added $20 of our own money and gave their jar back to the FOCW volunteers. The funds in the FAN jar went to a Walbran defender who was named in the injunction case.

Weeks later, the male organizer decided to make an issue of our donation jar. He harassed us with outrageous accusations and abusive language for months. The FAN board resolved that we will no longer work with that organizer in the future.

FAN's Code of Conduct emphasizes zero tolerance for abuse and harassment. We consider abusers to be reformed once they show self-insight and remorse for their bad behaviour and make amends to those they have harmed.

All grassroots organizations should have a similar policy. Otherwise they risk being dominated by abusers.

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