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A question for the "Pale Greens"


Overhead at the organizing meeting

"Does anyone know any politicians who want to get arrested?"


Snarky answers to stupid tarheads

"If there's no pipeline, what are we going to do for oil?"

  • "You mean, 'if there's no pipeline, what is CHINA going to do for oil?'" (Tarheads often forget that tar sands oil is bound for export to China.)

"Don't you use oil?"

  • "Yes. And when I run low, I wring a few barrels out of dead sea birds in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Mexico."

"But you drive."

  • "No, I don't drive. ("But people in your group do … ") Only one of VIC FAN's directors owns a car. Too bad your SUV doesn't run on weak-ass arguments."

"But the economy needs it."

  • "Wait til the water and coastlines are fouled, tourism and fisheries are wiped out, your land is poisoned and you lost your job because some foreign corporations went bankrupt. Then we'll talk about the economy."

"Better we get it from here at home than some country where there's a civil war going on."

  • "Hey, check out these photos of indigenous warriors who say they'll die before they let a pipeline through their unceded territory!"
  • "Say, that reminds me of something – ever heard of Oka, Burnt Church and Gustafsen Lake? Oh, you have? OK, then."
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