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#IWD2017 ~ #IWDyyj
Unite to fight the right
Rally and day of action
Join the #resistance

The rise of the right is a call to unite and resist. Women across North America are galvanized and seeking effective strategies to confront the growing crisis. International Women's Day, March 8, represents more than a century of working women's economic power. This year, it also signals an opportunity to create new grassroots networks for action.

In solidarity with those suffering unjust violence and loss: Indigenous, trans, immigrant, queer, youth, elders, and disabled people - we're building a community to #resist and overcome the forces of misogyny and oppression on Vancouver Island and around the world. We're making history.

This evening event starts with a few short presentations
- Why strikes and other mass actions are “paths to power” and ways of compelling change in systems built on taking our resources.
- How workers have put their bodies on the line to stop exploitation
- Principles of solidarity

Read about the history of the sweatshop workers' strikes that led to International Women's Day


Arise, Sisters is a small (and growing) network of radical women and allies dedicated to building consensus and alliances between diverse communities. IWD 2017 organizers include Anti-Racist Action, the Young Communists League, the House of Solidarity, and Women Fight Back. Endorsers include Leap Victoria, and Greenpeace Victoria. We are seeking endorsements from the Victoria Labour Council, the BC Federation of Labour, and local unions.

#IWD2017 draft statement of purpose
- Honour the diversity of women and our collective strength
- Map paths to power through strategic alliances and creative action
- Confront the crisis of male violence against women, especially lesbian, bi, and trans women, women of colour, indigenous women, and marginalized women.

In line with these principles, we call on the community to help draft a list of demands to present to the province. For example:
- Guaranteed Liveable Income and guaranteed housing
- Fund women's centres and rape shelters
- Support mothers and families in need
- Stop child apprehensions from indigenous families
- Provide the resources to prevent violence against indigenous girls and women
- Prosecute men who exploit women

#IWD2017 Volunteer opportunities
- Marshals
- Speakers
- Drummers
- Organizers
- Web creators
- Outreach coordinators
- Drivers
- Supporters
- Sponsors

Call for suggestions for an interactive public event
- Take Back the Night March
- Candlelight vigil
- Mass empowerment self-defense demonstration
- Rally with speakers
- Drumming and singalongs

Contact us to support or volunteer

Shout out to these community partners:

  • Victoria Labour Council
  • Leap Victoria
  • Young Communist League
  • Greenpeace Victoria
  • Anti-Racist Action
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